How do the Littlest Students at Ad Fontes Academy Spend Their Days?

In the Joyful Pursuit of Loving to Learn!

Giving your child the right start is important. Our passion is to assist you in meeting the spiritual, academic, and social needs of your kindergartner through smaller class sizes, qualified teachers, and an academic program that is challenging and thoroughly grounded in Christ’s teachings. Our teachers are amazing. They find and encourage your child’s gifts, instill confidence, and help them develop a love of learning.

The Building Blocks of a Classical Christian Education

It all begins with Kindergarten, where the emphasis is on discovering beauty and joy in God’s creation. Students develop foundational skills in reading and writing, speaking, listening, and number sense. The classroom is a fun and engaging place where teachers instill a love of good literature, scripture, poetry and prayer.

Young children are blessed with an amazing capacity to memorize and possess a natural desire to soak up information. We nurture that innate desire throughout the curriculum as children memorize everything from grammar jingles and poems to Bible verses and math facts. Beginning to create this vast storehouse of information is exciting to them and provides a solid foundation for all that is ahead!

At the center of a Classical Christian education is the heart of the child. We focus on building the foundations of obedience, knowing God and honoring Him through our best efforts, and loving and serving others.

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Please also know that children must be 5 years old by August 1st of the school year to be considered for admission.

“He loves school and I’ve been amazed at how much he’s already learned in such a short time. I appreciate the support in parenting that is given by teaching the children the importance of respect, obedience and responsibility. The focus of the curriculum is not just about ‘reading, writing, and arithmetic.’ It is focused on the character of the child.”
AFA Kindergarten Parent

Download the Kindergarten Curriculum Overview

Kindergarten Overview

Laying a strong foundation for a classical Christian education and love of learning by:

  • Strengthening reading and writing skills through a strong phonics and spelling program
  • Understanding the language and the “why” of math, not just the “how”
  • Focusing on animals and fostering a love of science through hands-on discovery
  • Learning God’s Word and applying it throughout all the subject areas
  • Studying cultures and countries around the world with wonder and delight in God’s creation· A fun and engaging curriculum that incorporates poetry, art, music, physical education, special events, and field trips.

What you can expect:

  • Weekly and often daily communications from teachers.
  • Full day program from 8 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. with a small class size of not more than 20 students.
  • After school care available through the Schole Club.

“As you’re making decisions for your child’s future, listen to Him. He guides, directs and provides.”
AFA Kindergarten Parent

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Five Things to Consider…

…when choosing a school for Kindergarten or First Grade.

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What Makes Ad Fontes Different?

An Ad Fontes education nurtures students’ hearts, souls, and minds. Our faith in Jesus Christ shapes every aspect of our curriculum and culture. Our classical model of education is a rigorous, relational, and time-honored approach designed to equip students with the tools they need to think for themselves and to communicate articulately.

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