How do the Littlest Students at Ad Fontes Academy Spend Their Days?

In the Joyful Pursuit of Loving to Learn!

Giving your child the right start is paramount. We are passionate about assisting you in meeting the spiritual, academic, and social needs of your kindergartner. We achieve this through smaller class sizes, qualified teachers, and an academic program that is challenging and deeply rooted in Christ’s teachings. Our remarkable teachers play a pivotal role. They identify and nurture your child’s gifts, fostering confidence, and cultivating a genuine passion for learning.

The Building Blocks of a Classical Christian Education

Kindergarten marks the beginning of an educational journey centered on discovering the beauty and joy inherent in God’s creation. Here, students actively develop essential skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and number sense. Our classroom becomes an exciting and engaging space where teachers foster a love for good literature, scripture, poetry, and prayer.

Young children possess an extraordinary ability to memorize and a natural curiosity to absorb knowledge. We embrace and nurture this innate desire throughout our curriculum. From grammar jingles and poems to Bible verses and math facts, children eagerly memorize a wealth of information. This process not only excites them but also lays a sturdy foundation for their future endeavors.

At the core of a Classical Christian education lies the heart of the child. Our focus is on instilling the fundamentals of obedience, deepening their understanding of God, honoring Him through their best efforts, and nurturing a spirit of love and service towards others.

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Applicants must be 5 years old by August 31st of the school year to be considered for admission.

“He loves school and I’ve been amazed at how much he’s already learned in such a short time. I appreciate the support in parenting that is given by teaching the children the importance of respect, obedience and responsibility. The focus of the curriculum is not just about ‘reading, writing, and arithmetic.’ It is focused on the character of the child.”
AFA Kindergarten Parent

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Kindergarten: Building Foundations for Lifelong Learning

Embark on a transformative educational journey for your child at our kindergarten, where we prioritize laying a robust foundation for classical Christian education and a lifelong love of learning. Here’s how we achieve this:

Master Language Skills:
We empower young learners by strengthening their reading and writing abilities through a comprehensive phonics and spelling program. Our approach delves into the intricacies of language, focusing not just on ‘how’ but also on the essential ‘why.’

Understand Mathematics Deeper:
Mathematics is more than just numbers; it’s about understanding the language of logic. In our classrooms, we unravel the mysteries of math by exploring not only ‘how’ to solve problems but also ‘why’ solutions work. This deep understanding forms the basis of mathematical mastery.

Explore the Wonders of Science:
Curiosity knows no bounds in our kindergarten. We foster a love for science by immersing children in hands-on explorations, especially focusing on the awe-inspiring world of animals. Through these experiences, young minds develop a genuine passion for the natural world.

Root Your Faith:
At the heart of our curriculum is the teaching of God’s Word. We integrate biblical principles seamlessly into all subjects, ensuring that spiritual growth is interwoven with academic development. This holistic approach nurtures character and integrity.

Passport to the World:
Our students embark on a captivating journey exploring diverse cultures and countries worldwide. With wonder and delight in God’s creation, we encourage an understanding and appreciation for the richness of our global community.

Engage in an Enriching Curriculum:
Learning is a joyful adventure at our kindergarten. Our curriculum is not just comprehensive but also engaging. Through poetry, art, music, physical education, special events, and enriching field trips, we create a vibrant and dynamic learning environment, where every day is filled with exciting discoveries.

Join us in shaping the future leaders and thinkers of tomorrow, where education is not just a process but a profound and delightful experience that sets the stage for a lifetime of intellectual curiosity while building a strong spiritual foundation.

What to Expect

Regular and Timely Communication:
Experience consistent communication with our dedicated teacher, ensuring you are always in the loop about your child’s progress. Expect updates on a weekly basis, and often even daily, fostering a strong partnership between home and school.

Comprehensive Full-Day Program:
Engage in a full day of learning and discovery from 8 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Our extensive curriculum is designed to inspire, challenge, and nurture young minds, providing a rich educational experience.

Intimate Learning Environment:
Immerse your child in an environment tailored for optimal learning. With small class sizes capped at 20 students, we prioritize closely monitoring individual progress, fostering a close-knit community where every child is known, nurtured, and loved.

“As you’re making decisions for your child’s future, listen to Him. He guides, directs and provides.”
AFA Kindergarten Parent

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What Makes Ad Fontes Different?

An Ad Fontes education nurtures students’ hearts, souls, and minds. Our faith in Jesus Christ shapes every aspect of our curriculum and culture. Our classical model of education is a rigorous, relational, and time-honored approach designed to equip students with the tools they need to think for themselves and to communicate articulately.

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