Forming a Strong Faith. Nurturing an Enduring Hope.

Loving God & Loving Others.

We care about our students as whole people: their minds, their hearts, and their souls. Each year, each week, and each day, our faculty and staff are focused on discipling our student’s hearts, building them up in faith, hope, and love.

Each morning, before class, all Upper School students gather on the “bridge” for a time of Scripture reading, prayer, announcements and recognitions for birthdays and accomplishments. Chapel worship takes place weekly in the sanctuary. Small groups meet on Thursday. And prayer begins each class, every day.

Engaging With Each Other & The World

A rich student life is part of every Upper School student’s experience in grades 7 through 12. Activities include retreats, field trips, and high school “ballroom” dances. On top of that, Upper School students are assigned to one of our four houses (Athens, Atlantis, Ilium, and Rome) and participate in regular fellowship events and competitions throughout the year. In and out of the classroom, our House System is one of the fastest ways for students to feel welcomed, be accepted into a group, and make new friends.

The Fall Retreat

Each school year begins with our high school retreat. This three-day event is specifically designed to build deep and abiding community among our student body. Students participate in team-building activities, worship together, and reflect on God’s call as they enter into a new school year. Middle school students join on the final day of the retreat for our first House competition, uniting the school as one body even before the academics begin!

The House System

Our House System builds a positive and loving student culture. Our four houses are named for cities of virtue in the classical world: Athens, Atlantis, Ilium, and Rome. The house system exists to unite grade levels in real community, to provide opportunities for student leadership, to enable students to celebrate and commiserate with one another, and to foster spiritual growth. Houses meet weekly for discussion and prayer after Chapel, and compete for the prestigious House Cup.

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Field Trips

We believe that providing students with memorable experiences is an important part of their education. Personally designed field trips led by our passionate instructors help students to concretize what they are learning in the classroom. Teachers give particular attention to training the students’ emotions. How should art move us? How should the triumphs and horrors of history shape our hearts? Field trips give students the opportunity to experience learning and train their affections.


Our high school students receive formal instruction in dance and etiquette each year. This one-quarter class develops social grace and helps students appreciate art and culture. The preparation students receive culminates in the Autumn Ball: an evening of formal dinner and dancing.

Weekly Chapel & House Groups

Each Thursday, the Upper School gathers for engaging teaching and discussion as a community. Assembly time is an opportunity to apply the Christian faith to real life issues and to foster skills of debate and discussion. Houses all meet in smaller groups to build relationships, foster discussion, and support each other in prayer. Assemblies take different forms, sometimes involving live Q&A, a guest speaker, or even debate.

There’s More to Learn!

Our Upper School includes 7th through 12th Grade. Learn more about our academics and how we help advance toward thoughtful, well-spoken young adults.

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We get it.

…transitioning schools can be hard. Especially for upper grades. Don’t worry. We’ve helped families like yours make the switch.

Transitioning to Ad Fontes

What Makes Ad Fontes Different?

An Ad Fontes education nurtures students’ hearts, souls, and minds. Our faith in Jesus Christ shapes every aspect of our curriculum and culture. Our classical model of education is a rigorous, relational, and time-honored approach designed to equip students with the tools they need to think for themselves and to communicate articulately.

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