You Can Do It, Here’s How

Changing educational settings can be both incredibly exciting and stressful for students and their families. With the right resources and support systems in place, the transition can be easier for all involved. That’s why we created several programs and resources to help you and your child make the change, succeed at Ad Fontes Academy, and feel welcomed into our community.

We’ve been helping families make the transition for 25 years and have learned a thing or two that we are sharing here.

Every year, we have 40-50 new students who successfully transition to AFA.

The Buddy Program

We pair each new family with a Buddy Family to answer questions, help them get to know the community and just provide all around advice to help with the transition. We do our best to find a family who lives near you and whose students are in the same grade as your child. Over the years, Buddy Families often have developed very close, long-term friendships.

The Classroom Experience

The smaller classroom experience often allows for closer connections between students within a class and across grade levels. Teachers are attentive to new students adjusting to AFA, and especially focus on review in September which is helpful to new and existing students. The benefit of a Christ-centered education is that students learn to love and care for their neighbors while they face challenges — like being new to a school — and to celebrate successes together.

Welcome Packet

Before school begins, each new family receives a welcome packet that contains links to calendars, forms, video tutorials for accessing our online systems and resources like the FACTS Parent’s Web. You also can access class contact information and parent volunteer opportunities.

The House System

Through our popular House System, students in grades 7-12 are placed into one of four unique Houses under the leadership of two upperclassmen. Students and their siblings remain in that same House together for their entire time at Ad Fonts. In addition to the classroom, this system is one of our time-tested ways for student to make friends and instantly be part of an accepting group. They eat lunch together and attend assemblies weekly, and also have further group discussions about assembly topics. In addition to structured and formal events, each House has informal events and parties, some of which are held off campus.

Academic Preparation

During the application process, each new student is assessed and, if needed, are provided with specific academic recommendations to sharpen their skills over the summer. As you transition to Ad Fontes, our teachers, who are committed to a smooth transition and to each student’s long-term success, will pray for each student and their families. They have a God-given love for their students that is evident in their daily interactions, helping all students embrace their strengths as well as grow in areas that need improvement. In addition, AFA’s student support center staff and teachers’ aides also are on hand to help encourage students with academic challenges.

Clubs and Athletics

Students form lasting friendships through participation in clubs and sports. Clubs range from theatre to the Techne Society to yearbook to wargaming and more. For athletics, we are members of the Virginia Independent School Athletic Association (VISAA) and the Northern Virginia Independent Athletic Conference (NVIAC), and have clubs and teams in basketball, cross country, tennis, and volleyball.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions and concerns about transitioning to Ad Fontes. We are here to help and offer support.

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