Choosing the right educational setting for your child is a significant decision.

With numerous options available, it can feel overwhelming. At Ad Fontes Academy, we recommend beginning your search by focusing on your child’s unique needs, rather than starting with factors such as cost, facilities, and location, although these aspects are important too.

To assist you in this important decision-making process, we have crafted a comprehensive guide that outlines key questions to consider:

1. What are my family’s core values and educational goals?

Before exploring schools, have a family discussion to identify your priorities. Consider aspects such as incorporating faith into education, the continuity of education through all grades, and any specific needs your child may have.

2. What options align with my goals and logistical constraints?

Identify target areas based on your location and constraints. Research schools in these areas by reading reviews, visiting websites, seeking referrals from friends and family, and contacting schools directly to gain deeper insights.

3. How does the school engage with parents and foster communication?

Look for testimonials, online reviews, and attend open houses to understand how schools interact with parents. Inquire about the frequency of communication, parental involvement, and how the school addresses classroom concerns.

4. Who is the teacher and what is the student-teacher ratio?

Teachers play a pivotal role in your child’s education. Ask about their experience and the background of teacher aides and staff. Assess their passion for teaching and how they keep students engaged. A low student-teacher ratio ensures personalized attention.

5. How is the approach to teaching fundamental subjects like reading, grammar, and math?

Understanding the school’s approach to foundational subjects is crucial. Inquire about their methods for teaching reading, grammar, and math, as these skills form the basis for future learning and success.

By evaluating your goals, gathering information, seeking input from other parents, and visiting schools, you are actively ensuring your child receives the best possible education. When children experience the joy of learning, their natural curiosity and growth flourish effortlessly.

When children experience the joy of learning, their natural curiosity and growth flourish effortlessly.

At Ad Fontes Academy, we hope you will have great success in your search and pray you find the best school for your child. For any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or 571-348-0784. We are excited to introduce you to the unique educational experience that sets Ad Fontes apart!