Choosing an educational setting for your child is a big decision.

There are many things to consider and at times it can feel overwhelming. Many families who may not have previously considered their school options are now thinking about private schools due to COVID-19. There are many choices and you may be wondering where to begin. At Ad Fontes Academy, we encourage you not to start with the cost, facilities, and location, though important, but with finding a school that best fits your child’s needs.

We have created this guide to assist you in the school selection process. We recommend asking the following questions to help you determine the best option.

1. What are my family’s core values and educational goals?

Before looking at schools, it is essential to discuss this as a family and prioritize what
is most important to you. Do you want faith incorporated in the school? Do you want a school with all 12 grades so you aren’t changing schools later? Does your child have specific needs that the school would have to address?


2. What are the available options that fit my goals and logistical constraints?

Determine your target areas for a school based on your logistical constraints. Then develop a list of schools in those areas that fits your goals by reading online reviews and visiting school websites, as well as asking friends, family, and other parents for referrals. Also, contact the school to dig deeper.


3. How does the school partner and communicate with parents?

You can learn this through testimonials, online reviews, and by contacting the school or attending an open house or tour. Ask how often you receive communication. Are the parents involved? How do they handle classroom concerns?


4. Who is the teacher and what is the student-teacher ratio?

The teacher will spend over 1,000 hours with your child during the year. That person will have a profound impact on your child’s life. Ask about the teacher’s experience and background as well as that of the teacher aides and staff who provide support for students. Do they love what they do? How do they keep students engaged?


5. How does the school teach reading, grammar, and math?

These subjects serve as the foundation for all future learning. Students who miss these building blocks can struggle in future grades, especially in writing and advanced math. It’s important to understand the goals for when a child will be reading and how it prepares them for the later grades.


By assessing your goals, collecting information, talking to other parents, and visiting schools, you are taking the lead in making sure your child gets the best possible education.

When children feel the joy of learning, everything else comes naturally.

Here at Ad Fontes Academy, we wish you the all the best in your search and pray that you find the best school for your child. Please feel free to contact us at or 571-348-0784. We can’t wait to share the Ad Fontes difference with you!