The Lower School years are full of energy and excitement as strong foundations are laid for life-long learning.

In Kindergarten through 6th Grade, children develop the social and academic skills to become confident and engaged learners. Our classical, Christian elementary school inspires the joy of learning and offers a nurturing environment.

Classical curriculum. Engaged students.

Our Lower School curriculum covers the core areas of mathematics, phonics, spelling, grammar, literature, science, Bible, history, and Latin. We also offer music, art and physical education. A rich experience gives every student the opportunity to explore new skills and ideas.

You will be amazed by what your child can accomplish as he or she masters the building blocks of knowledge in each academic area.

“The children regularly relate what they have learned in everyday conversation. They do not see what they are learning in terms of isolated facts, such as ‘I now know this about a given topic’ but ideas come up organically as they relate in context to other ideas. Historical context makes sense to them as they compare what we talk about every day with underlying concepts in what they are learning. There is a free connection (based on the ability to compare ideas) between what they are learning across the disciplines that results in moments of discovery as they try to understand the world. They are already displaying the ability to make their own conclusions based on a confident handling of what they learn. Being in a Christian environment marries the logic of the world with the truth of God’s ways so they understand the interconnectedness of faith and practice, understanding and belief. They talk as freely about God’s truth as they do about historical events, allowing for a better understanding of both.”

Kindergarten and Second Grade Mom

Instructional Methods

You’ll discover that Ad Fontes is one of Fairfax County’s leading private Christian elementary schools. Our gifted teachers use instructional strategies that appeal to different learning styles and encourage students to think. Class sizes are small, enabling individualized help for students. We teach students how to retain information, memorize, and organize their thinking using songs, chants, visual displays, student-designed portfolios, drama and timelines. The rich historical, cultural, and educational setting of northern Virginia is a wonderful resource for field trips to complement their learning. Learn more about Student Life in the Lower School and all the fun activities that are planned for them each year.

“The learning is very engaging, fun and interactive. It was at these very young ages that my children found a love of learning — not because they had to, but because they enjoyed the experience.”

Mom with Students Who Have Attended Every Lower School Grade

“Allison is free to be the child God has called her to be. God is not limited to home anymore. Allison is learning what it means to serve God in everything, to rejoice with others in their happiness and to pray for anything and everything. Coming in a close second to this is the education she is receiving. Allison is excited about learning and wants to learn more at every opportunity! AFA has taken her natural talents and provided a place for those to flourish. She is learning to meet new challenges with grace and perseverance.”

First Grade Mom

Spiritual Development: A Place to Flourish as a Child of God

As a Christian elementary school, our students’ spiritual growth results in lives that honor God and reflect His love. It’s the primary goal of the education we offer. Students learn the foundational truths of Scripture and to recognize God’s work in history and His creation. Our loving, committed Christian teachers help students to learn Biblical truths in all areas of the curriculum and to apply those principles in ways that encourage respect and honor for God and others.

Parental Involvement: Partners in Discipleship

Our success depends on the relationship we enjoy with parents. Parents have a partnership with the school for the purpose of helping our children become the people that God intends. Parental involvement is one of the most important factors in student success. We believe parents are the primary educators of their children, so we foster a close relationship and open communication between school and home to maximize learning and growth.

Lower School Curriculum

Learn more about each grade with these helpful overviews.

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