At Ad Fontes, we actively engage with parents, guiding students toward excellence in both Christian character and intellect.

Our teaching staff comprises a remarkable team of dedicated academic professionals deeply passionate about Christ, their students, their subjects, and each other. We make a firm commitment to students and families by ensuring our educators embody the values we hold dear.

  • Our Christian teachers and mentors not only align with the AFA Statement of Faith but also demonstrate these beliefs through their life, words, and actions.
  • They bring a contagious passion for learning, possess the gift of teaching, and maintain a teachable spirit that inspires growth.
  • We believe in the power of partnership between educators and parents. Our teachers actively collaborate with parents, recognizing the vital role they play in their children’s education.
  • Moreover, our faculty serves as living examples of servant leadership, resolving conflicts with biblical principles, speaking words that uplift and encourage, and functioning harmoniously as part of a unified academic team.
  • Most importantly, our educators genuinely love children. They approach instruction and discipline with an inspiring blend of firmness and compassion, fostering an environment that nurtures both academic brilliance and personal growth. At Ad Fontes, our commitment to your child’s holistic development is unwavering, shaping a future rich in faith, knowledge, and character.
  • Head of School

    Administrative Staff | Lower School Faculty | Upper School Faculty

    After seven years in Hawaii, Mr. Joshua McCroskey returned to his native Virginia in Spring of 2022 with his wife Johanna and their children [...]

  • Lower School Principal

    Administrative Staff | Lower School Faculty

    Mrs. Janet Cooper leads the K-6th grade program. Prior to Ad Fontes, she was a teacher and principal at another start-up classical school. She [...]

  • Upper School Principal

    Administrative Staff | Upper School Faculty

    After having taught classically for six years (five of them at Ad Fontes) and worked with students as a youth minister for three years, [...]

  • Dean of Students and Upper School History

    Administrative Staff | Upper School Faculty

    Mr. Dave Mathwin has taught at Ad Fontes since 1998. He lives in Midland with his wife Linda and their three children, John, AJ, [...]

  • Director of Athletics, College Support, and Student Activities

    Administrative Staff | Upper School Faculty

    Mr. Paul Cameron spent his formative years abroad in Europe as a military kid and missionary. He graduated from Liberty University with a B.S. [...]

  • Director of Academic and Technology Services

    Administrative Staff

    Mrs. Debra Davis serves as the AFA Administrative Director and previously served as the Upper School Office Manager. She earned a Master of Arts [...]

  • Business Manager

    Administrative Staff

    Mrs. Julie Jeffrey is the business manager at Ad Fontes Academy. Prior to her time at AFA, she worked for a government contractor in [...]

  • Admissions Director

    Administrative Staff

    Mrs. Christina Jenkins brings a diverse professional background to the Admissions Director role at Ad Fontes. She graduated with a B.S. in psychology from [...]

  • Upper and Lower School Latin

    Lower School Faculty | Upper School Faculty

    Mrs. Rita Barillas graduated from Liberty University with a B.S. in English and a minor in Biblical Studies. She began her teaching career in [...]

  • Director of Student Support

    Administrative Staff | Lower School Faculty | Upper School Faculty

    Mrs. Mimsie Houser graduated from Grove City College with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and holds a Master's in Education and Post-Master's as [...]