We partner with parents to disciple students to excellence in Christian character and intellect.

The teachers at Ad Fontes are an exceptional team of academic professionals who love Christ, their students, each other, and the subjects they teach.

At Ad Fontes, we commit to students and families to have Christian teachers and mentors who:
  • Agree with the AFA Statement of Faith as demonstrated by life, word and deed
  • Possess passion for learning, the gift of teaching and have a teachable heart
  • Partner with parents in the education of their children
  • Set an example of servant leadership, using Biblical principles to resolve disputes, speak to edify and encourage, and work as members of an academic team
  • Love children and bring a desire to instruct and discipline in a manner which encourages academic and personal excellence
  • Head of School

    Administrative Staff | Lower School Faculty | Upper School Faculty

    After seven years in Hawaii, Mr. Joshua McCroskey returned to his native Virginia in Spring of 2022 with his wife Johanna and their children Camilla [...]

  • Lower School Principal

    Administrative Staff | Lower School Faculty

    Mrs. Janet Cooper leads the K-6th grade program. Prior to Ad Fontes, she was a teacher and principal at another start-up classical school. She began [...]

  • Upper School Principal

    Administrative Staff | Upper School Faculty

    After having taught classically for six years (five of them at Ad Fontes) and worked with students as a youth minister for three years, Mr. [...]

  • Dean of Students and Upper School History

    Administrative Staff | Upper School Faculty

    Mr. Dave Mathwin has taught at Ad Fontes since 1998. He lives in Midland with his wife Linda and their three children, John, AJ, and [...]

  • Upper and Lower School Music and Lower School Aide

    Lower School Faculty | Upper School Faculty

    Mrs. Anne Simpson is a Level III certified Kodaly teacher, having completed her certification at the Chenaniah Summer Music Institute at New Saint Andrews College [...]

  • Lower School Receptionist

    Administrative Staff

    Come back soon to read the bio for this member of the Ad Fontes family.

  • Admissions Director

    Administrative Staff

    Mrs. Christina Jenkins graduated from James Madison University with a B.S. in psychology. Her prior career experience involved human resource leadership and other business operations [...]

  • Upper School Receptionist

    Administrative Staff

    Mrs. Cindy Sweeney worked in Fairfax County Public Schools for 25 years before retiring in 2014. She progressed in her career from a front office [...]

  • Upper School Math and Science

    Upper School Faculty

    Dr. David Oetjen is eager to bring his passions for philosophy and mathematics to AFA from Virginia Tech, where he earned a B.A. in Philosophy, [...]

  • Director of Academic and Technology Services

    Administrative Staff

    Mrs. Debra Davis serves as the AFA Administrative Director and previously served as the Upper School Office Manager. She earned a Master of Arts degree [...]