Ad Fontes Academy First Grade

How do first graders spend their day at Ad Fontes Academy?

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Ad Fontes Academy First Grade

In first grade, students are constructing the building blocks of a classical Christian education in a fun and engaging environment where the heart of the child is front and center.

Young children are blessed with an amazing capacity to memorize and a natural desire to soak up information. We nurture that innate desire throughout the curriculum as children memorize everything from grammar jingles and poetry to Bible verses and math facts. Beginning to create this vast storehouse of information is exciting to them and provides a solid foundation for all that is ahead of them!

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Our integrated curriculum covers the core areas of mathematics, phonics, spelling, grammar, science, the Bible, and history. Also offered are music, art, and physical education to create a rich experience filled with opportunities for students to explore new skills and ideas. Our curriculum aims at mastery of the building blocks of knowledge in each academic area with methods and content that are based upon proven educational research. We are consistently amazed by what our students can accomplish.

An example of our integrated curriculum for first graders is their study of the chronological cycles of history – beginning with the ancient civilizations and continuing through the fall of the Roman Empire. They hear fun stories about sea monsters from the Odyssey and build upon this in the higher grades when they read the Odyssey and the Iliad. When they learn about ancient civilizations in history, they also learn what the ancients studied in science such as the stars, geology, and weather.

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First Grade Overview

Ad Fontes Academy First Grade
The focus is to lay a strong foundation for a classical Christian education, learning God’s Word and applying it in all subjects.

  • Reading, Writing, Grammar, Math, Science, and History
  • Devotions, chapel, and Bible classes
  • Physical education, poetry, art, field trips, music, and special events
  • A fun and engaging curriculum
  • Weekly and often daily communications from teachers
  • Small class sizes of not more than 20 students
  • After school care available through the Schole Club

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Open Enrollment

We are currently accepting applications for the 2021-22 school year.  Space is limited in many classrooms, so please apply as soon as possible.

Please Request more information and our admissions office will contact you.  We also invite you to register for a Virtual Open House  to learn more about the classical Christian education at Ad Fontes Academy.