Ad Fontes Mission and Graduate Profile

Ad Fontes Academy Mission: To glorify God by assisting Christian parents in equipping their children to be servant leaders through a classical education based on eternal biblical truth.

Education for Life: At Ad Fontes, we equip students with strong academic foundations, a love for learning, and the academic capability to pursue deeper understanding, engage in thoughtful discernment, and communicate with beauty, clarity and conviction. AFA students are daily shaped towards a joyful walk with Christ that touches every aspect of their lives, and shapes their character towards love, grace and wisdom.

College Preparation: Ad Fontes graduates are well prepared for university including attendance at selective colleges such as the College of William and Mary, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, Johns Hopkins University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Georgetown, and the Air Force Academy. A full listing of accepted colleges is found on our  School Profile.

Ad Fontes Graduate Profile

We endeavor to prepare students who:

  • Have a dedication and love for learning and scholarship
  • Reason wisely, listen carefully, think precisely and articulate persuasively
  • Love God with all of their hearts, souls, minds and strength
  • Lovingly engage and influence culture with a Christ-centered worldview
  • Possess the tools to live and think with truth, wisdom and independence

AFA Alumni and their parents consistently share these traits and skills developed during their AFA experience:

    • Exceptional writing skills
    • Tremendous breadth of knowledge
    • The ability to think – develop thoughtful opinions and defend ideas
    • The skills to effectively study
    • A love for Christian community – the “espirit de corps” of students and faculty
    • The challenge and achievement of completing the Senior Thesis
    • The capability to think biblically

We encourage you to visit us to experience the difference of Ad Fontes!

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