About Ad Fontes Academy

About Ad Fontes Academy

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.”
– G.K. Chesterton


We are excited about your interest in Ad Fontes Academy! And we are excited to return to 5-day, in-person school this fall!

Selecting the right school for your child is one of the most significant decisions you face as parents. This past Spring, as we faced an unexpected educational disruption, many parents were awakened to the truth of their child’s educational content and thus prompted to rethink their goals for their children and the best school to fulfill those goals. 

From Kindergarten to High School Graduation, your children will spend nearly 20,000 hours in the classroom and school-related activities. Your child’s Kindergarten to 12th grade school classroom and community will profoundly influence the core values and foundational skills that they bring to college and life. As one of the leading Fairfax private schools also serving Loudoun County and Prince William County, we understand that your school choice who will play a significant role in shaping your child’s intellect, soul, and character for college and for life!

Located in Centreville, Ad Fontes is a private school serving families in Loudoun County and Prince William County in addition to Fairfax County. We take great care in getting to know you and your children personally. We desire to share who we are through Open Houses, visits, and lots of conversation. At Ad Fontes, we trust that you will experience a school that cares deeply for your family and desires the best educational community for your children.

There are many Fairfax, Loudoun County and Prince William County private schools, so to help you gain more insight into our school community and our distinctive classical educational model, here are some of the most distinguishing features of an Ad Fontes education:

Christ-centered Education – Strengthening Student’s Faith

Ad Fontes believes Jesus Christ is Lord of all creation, every person, and every school subject. Thus, we are firmly committed to a thoroughly Christ-centered education in all aspects of the school. Our primary goal is for students to know God and His Word, and to continually deepen their love and faith in Christ.  Christian faith is modeled and nurtured by leaders and teachers committed to following Christ in their lives and walking with students in applying faith to real life, pursuing and growing in wisdom together. Students are equipped to seek after truth, and pursue the purpose and calling for which he or she is created.

Classical Education – Engaging Student’s Intellect

A private school serving Loudoun County, Prince William County and other counties near Fairfax, Ad Fontes is an academically challenging school with a purpose: to equip our students with the ability to think for themselves. We believe a classical (or liberal arts) education best fulfills this goal. Capable teachers engage and prepare students with the foundational knowledge (grammar), the tools of reasoning (logic), and the skills of persuasive writing and speaking (rhetoric). Students develop a strong work ethic and confidence as they exhibit mastery and understanding in each subject. We are dedicated to cultivating young people who are exceedingly well-prepared to excel in college and in life.

Cultivating Students as Servant Leaders

Ad Fontes seeks to develop students who take purposeful action, not for themselves, but for their classmates, younger students, neighbors and the world. Students learn to love classmates of diverse ability and personality. They also learn to care for students across the grade levels, including their younger brothers and sisters on campus.  In the Upper School, students take on substantive leadership roles within the school both through initiating their own programs, including the fall theatre production led by students, and leading the House system

If these goals align with those of your family, we encourage you to continue through the application process. Read through these pages carefully, explore our website, and contact Beth Strachan at admissions@adfontes.com with any questions you may have. We pray that through this process, your family will deepen your vision and refine your goals for your children. We are excited to walk through this journey with you!

Sincerely in Christ,

Dean K. Luckenbaugh