Upper School Clubs

Ad Fontes seeks to offer clubs and activities that engage student interest, enhance student fellowship and further the intellectual and spiritual development of our students.

Mock Trial (Grades 9-12)Kerry Lockhart
After seven  years in Mock Trial, Ad Fontes has won three Virginia State Championships and competed in the National Championships, has three second place finishes, and one third place finish. The high school mock trial program is designed to encourage students to explore constitutional concepts, courtroom protocol and basic litigation skills. All the schools in a state are presented with the same mock case, usually modeled from a real-life case. The school must be prepared to prosecute and defend the case against teams from other high schools in a real courtroom before real judges. The students learn how to distill facts from opinion, strategize a plan for victory and then write both direct and cross examinations. They learn a scaled down version of the Federal Rules of Evidence and must use them to make objections and defend against objections, based on the law. They are also required to present their case, including five-minute opening and closing statements. This legal sport brings together many distinctive aspects of classical and Christian school program including the ability for students to decipher source documents, and the study of logic and rhetoric.

Odyssey of the Mind (Grades 7-12)Susan Smith
Ad Fontes has won regional championships in 2011 and 2013. Odyssey of the Mind is a competitive program for creative problem-solving by teams of students.  Students can expect to attend these weekly meetings from September until December, and then the team may meet more often until the regional competition in late February. For more information about OM, go to odysseyofthemind.com.

Missions Club (Grades 9-12)
Ad Fontes has established an ongoing school partnership with Refuge of Hope in Peru. The Missions Club plans the annual missions trip and coordinates programs to increase awareness and support of Refuge of Hope at Ad Fontes and in the community. During the 2012-13 school year, AFA parents and students donated over 500 pounds of clothes and shoes allowed for a full bag for over 400 children. This June, 20 students and adults will make our fourth annual trip to serve the Refuge.

Classics Club (Grades 5-12)Arthur Rogers
The Classics club learns the Greek language, translates texts, and discusses classic stories.

Drama Club (Grades 7-12)Jessica Johns
Students audition, rehearse and perform a fall and spring stage production.

Art Club (Grades 6-12)Shawn Overos
Students work on their own drawing projects with guidance from AFA’s art teacher.

Techne Society (Grades 7-12)Bill Carey
The students develop an understanding of how things are made and engage in hands-on design whether computer programs, robots, or student ideas.