Lower School Student Activities

Ad Fontes students participate in a variety of informal and formal activities and programs to grow spiritually, deepen friendships and develop their gifts and interests.

The Lower School Student Activities include:

Weekly chapel and devotionals
Lower School students gather each Tuesday for worship with music, prayer and a message from the Scriptures for their encouragement to follow Christ faithfully, and gather for lower school devotionals once per week.

Class parties and events
Ad Fontes students love a great party. Throughout the year, students celebrate their study of history and literature with games and feasts such as the Greek Olympics (K and 1), Egyptian Feast (1 and 4), Medieval Feast (2 and 5), English Tea Party (2), and “Homer Price Doughnut Day” (3).

Drama and Living History Museum Presentations
Each Lower School grade performs a play each Spring as the culmination of their drama training. Grades 3-6 present Living History Museum projects each Spring. Students research a historical figure within their historical time period and present with props at a live museum for parents and friends.

Field Day
At the end of the school year, students join the Upper School students for a special day with fun competitions, games and great food. Students enjoy a full scale Carnival complete with face painting and fresh popped popcorn.

Service projects
Students learn to care for one another in class, to serve local neighbors in the Centreville area, and through our mission partner, Refuge of Hope, in Peru.

Field trips
Students make frequent field trips to support their studies in history and science. The list of field trips are listed in the Grades K-6 overview sheets on the Resource page.

Music performances
Students participate in regular presentations to parents and friends at monthly Pastries with Parents, Fall Recitatio, Christmas Concert, Open Houses, Spring Concert and other special class presentations.

Medieval Knight