At Ad Fontes, our academic program has been developed with intention and purpose to prepare students with the tools of learning, thinking and communicating.

Ad Fontes utilizes a classical liberal arts and sciences approach that, in addition to teaching foundational knowledge and skills, develops the habits and skills for life long learning. The classical approach integrated with a thoughtful biblical worldview throughout the curriculum, develops students who pursue truth, goodness and beauty.

Ad Fontes students develop exceptional language and reading skills starting in Kindergarten in order to engage with great books, starting with the best children’s literature and progressing to history’s classic literature and original historical source materials. Students learn to discuss great ideas and use language precisely and persuasively to articulate their opinions. The Upper School presents Outside the Box Awards regularly to students who exhibit creative solutions to difficult questions.

Students develop a strong conceptual math understanding through Singapore Math, with heavy emphasis on word problems, in preparation for application in advanced Math through Calculus. In Science, students begin with hands-on learning t0 develop curiosity and the skills to understand how our world works. This leads to applying their knowledge and defending their premises in High School Science.

In all grade levels and all courses, students develop their thinking and communication skills. Students are actively engaged in classes, participating and leading discussion with increased use of Socratic and Harkness methods in the Upper School. Students take a full year Logic course in 8th grade to understand the foundations and application of valid arguments. Ad Fontes is unique in offering separate writing and speaking courses throughout the curriculum, in concert with intensive written and oral speaking assignments in all courses.

Ad Fontes treasures the special relationship between teacher and student. The best education is grounded in mentoring and friendship. AFA teachers combine a heart for Christ and the student, high expectations and nurturing spirit to the classroom. Teachers have a passion for their subjects shared within a culture of dialogue and debate, not simply lecture.

The Ad Fontes’ academic program seeks to equip well rounded, thoughtful and well spoken Christian men and women, equipped with the character, skills and vision to succeed at university and in life.