The Top 6 Myths about Private Christian Schools

Families are exploring new and different educational options like never before.

For the first time, you may be contemplating a change in your children’s education. If you’re considering a private Christian school, you might be wondering, what is it really like?

The private Christian school experience is often misunderstood. What could ultimately be the perfect educational fit for a child is often disregarded by parents based on previous assumptions and misconceptions. We want to dispel some of those common myths and invite you to learn more about the reality of this valuable option.

Myth #1

We can’t afford private school.

The cost of tuition can be intimidating. The good news is that help is often available. Nationwide, approximately one in five private school students is awarded some financial aid. Many states, like Virginia, have private school scholarship programs. Most schools also offer multi-child discounts. If you wanted a private Christian education for your children but assumed it was too expensive, think again! Your investment in your child’s education may be the best money you’ve ever spent, and many schools will work hard to help you make it a reality. God provides!

Myth #2

Private schools are only for the most advanced students.

While it is true that most private Christian schools are academically rigorous, students often rise to the challenge. Each school should have an assessment in place during the admissions process to place your child in a position of success. If your child has learning difficulties, make sure to ask about the help that is available. Many schools, like Ad Fontes Academy, have educational therapists and teachers’ aides on hand to help students who learn differently. Teachers and staff have a God-given love for students that is evident in their daily interactions, helping all students embrace their strengths and grow in areas that need improvement.

Myth #3

Private school students are just different.

Are private Christian school students fundamentally different from students at other schools? Absolutely not! They are normal kids with a wide range of interests, personalities, and abilities. The smaller classroom experience often allows for closer connections within a class and across grade levels. The benefit of a Christ-centered education is that students learn to love and care for their neighbors while they face challenges and celebrate successes together.

Myth #4

Private Christian school students live in a bubble.

The goal of a Christian education is not to insulate students from the “real world,” but to give them the tools to pursue the purpose and calling for which they were created – impacting the world for Christ. A well-rounded education that includes history and current events is crucial to shaping students’ understanding of the world. Smaller class sizes provide the opportunity for substantive discussions about a range of ideas and issues. In a private Christian school, students can discuss real-world issues and decision-making from a biblical perspective.

Myth #5

Private Christian schools don’t have extracurricular opportunities.

While larger schools may have a larger variety of options, private Christian schools have many opportunities for involvement inside and outside the classroom. Clubs and sports can be more accessible at private schools with smaller numbers of students. Students are encouraged to try new things, and private schools often have the flexibility to let students create new extracurricular groups and activities.

Myth #6

Private Christian school teachers are less qualified.

Private Christian schools attract dedicated teachers who are grounded in their faith and are highly capable in their subjects. They have a deep passion for learning and a commitment to mentoring students as well as teaching. They are well-educated and share their love of learning with students.

Overall, private Christian schools are known for providing an atmosphere where students deepen their faith in an encouraging educational environment. This environment is centered on Christ and led by capable Christian teachers. Students receive personal attention and are not lost in the shuffle.

If this sounds exciting to you, we would love to get to know you.

At Ad Fontes, we are a school with a purpose: equipping our students to think for themselves. We believe a classical, or liberal arts, education best fulfills this goal.

We place an early emphasis on core knowledge and skills. As students progress, they grow in a Christ-centered worldview, while learning to think, read, and write through a liberal arts education that includes a strong focus on science, math and technology.

Students develop a strong work ethic and confidence as they exhibit mastery and understanding in each subject. The tools they gain are preparing them to excel in college and in life. All along the way, teachers support students in their academic and spiritual growth.

If you think your child would benefit from this environment, please contact us to learn more at or 571-348-0784. We can’t wait to share the Ad Fontes difference with you!