What to Expect

Ad Fontes plan is to return to in-person learning
in the fall. Discover the AFA Difference.

Thank you for all of your efforts and those of the teachers and staff in preparing AFA families and students to navigate through these challenging and unprecedented times.  We are so grateful to you all and continue to feel blessed to be a part of this AFA family.

Ad Fontes Parent

President Dean Luckenbaugh shares how Ad Fontes has swiftly and effectively designed a distance learning program to serve our families in response to the Covid crisis.

Our very own Lily Och was featured on FOX5DC reading her poem "Proper Order in a Pandemic?" Lily composed this poem as an assignment for her Great Books class during their study of Shakespeare's Macbeth.

God bless you and the entire staff.  Amazing work you guys are doing so far.  Praying for everyone’s faith and guidance in these times.  We are so glad that we belong in small school community such as AFA – this definitely helps this situation immensely. We’re supportive in every step of the way.

Ad Fontes Parent


Brandon Leevy (Alumni)

Brandon Leevy, 2017 and junior at High Point University who has already begun his burgeoning career in marketing social media talent.

Emily Miller (AFA Senior)

Emily Miller, AFA senior, reflects on her years at Ad Fontes, her love of numbers and her thesis on the causes of political polarization in America today.

Zach Rallo Dealing with the Pandemic

AFA educator, Zach Rallo discusses how he is dealing with the obstacles that the COVID-19 pandemic has created at school and home.

Thank you for continuing to keep us all informed.  We are so thankful for y’all and the fact you are seeking the Lord and His guidance through this process.  Thankful, too, that on top of everything else you all do, you’ve been hard at work coming up with a plan in the event school closed. We shared this with the boys tonight so they would have a realistic expectation for the next couple of weeks. It went over well!

Ad Fontes Parent

Our AFA families have discovered a variety of ways to work and study at home, as well as ensuring plenty of time for creativity and fun beyond the virtual classroom!