Ad Fontes Academy Upper School – Get to Know Us!

Why Make the Switch to Ad Fontes Upper School?

Grades 7-12

Through our Christ-centered education, we help young men and women grow their faith, grow as servant leaders, and develop critical thinking skills that prepare them for college and the adult world. We’ve been doing this rewarding work for 25 years and have cultivated a proven Upper School curriculum.

Teachers Who Mentor

Our teachers combine a heart for Christ and the student, high expectations, and a nurturing spirit to the classroom that results in mentoring and friendship. Teachers have skill and a passion for their subjects that is shared within a culture of dialogue and debate, not simply lecture.

We take the time to get to know your child. Our class sizes are small so we can ensure each student gets an adequate amount of individual attention in a safe and healthy learning environment. Students develop a personal connection to teachers and engage in conversations outside the classroom about life and learning.

Classical Learning and Critical Thinking

Ad Fontes has a robust liberal arts curriculum that requires active student engagement and develops a mature work ethic We offer honors and advanced options for some high school classes to meet the needs of a range of student capabilities and interests.

Through reading the great books and separate rhetoric (writing and speaking) courses along with diverse and challenging written and oral speaking assignments, students develop creativity and eloquence. They are actively engaged in classes, participating in and leading the discussion through Socratic and Harkness methods.

Latin develops critical thinking, strong language skills, and deeper cultural understanding. After completing Latin 3, students can study French at Ad Fontes.

“AFA teachers have an infectious enthusiasm and love for learning.”

– AFA Alumni

Math, Computer Programming and Science Courses

Our classical Christian educational approach uniquely prepares students to become excellent mathematicians, scientists, engineers, and programmers by equipping them with both essential math knowledge and the capability to think and engage real mathematical challenges critically and creatively as individuals and in small groups.

Students develop a strong conceptual math understanding that is put to use in advanced math up to Advanced Placement Calculus II, computer programming electives, and in science courses that include biology, chemistry, and physics.

Students work at hard and rewarding problems and then use that experience and understanding to creatively develop their own solutions. Students put their skills to use in such fun assignments as creating Rube Goldberg machines, designing catapults, and understanding the inner workings of computers and coding.

AFA graduates have been exceedingly well prepared for success in technical college and career fields.

Student Life With Engaging Activities

A rich student life is part of an Ad Fontes education that is filled with various activities, including retreats, field trips, and high school “ballroom” dances. On top of that, upper school students are assigned to one of our four houses (Athens, Atlantis, Ilium, and Rome) that participate in regular fellowship events and engage in competitions throughout the year. In addition to the classroom, the House system is one of the fastest ways for students to feel welcomed, be accepted into a group, and make new friends.

Transitioning to Ad Fontes

Changing educational settings can be both incredibly exciting and stressful for both students and their families. With the right resources and support systems in place, the transition can be easier for all involved. That’s why we created several programs and resources to help you and your child make the change, succeed at Ad Fontes Academy, and feel welcomed into our community. Learn more about our Buddy Program, academic preparation, clubs, and athletics.

What’s Next?

If this sounds interesting, now is the best time to contact our Admissions office and start the application process. Tuition assistance may be available and mentoring for new students is offered.

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