South Riding Private Christian School

Located just 7 miles away from South Riding, Ad Fontes Academy is a great South Riding Private Christian School and the perfect choice for your child’s school. Through a Christ-centered community and a classical curriculum, we equip our students to be learned scholars and servant leaders.  It’s not too late to switch schools for this fall.  Ad Fontes plans on five days a week in-person classes in the fall because distance learning may not be best for your child or teen or work with your schedule. Ad Fontes offers tuition assistance so families can afford a private education.

Student Life At South Riding Private Christian School Ad Fontes Academy

We understand that selecting the right school for your child is one of the most significant decisions you face as parents. Your child’s Junior Kindergarten to 12th grade school classroom and community will profoundly influence the core values and foundation skills that they bring to college and life. As one of the leading Fairfax private schools serving Loudoun County and Prince William County, we understand that choosing who will play a part in shaping their intellect, soul, and character is a weighty matter!

Located in Centreville, Ad Fontes is a private school serving Loudoun, Prince William, Fairfax and Fauquier counties. We take great care in getting to know you and your children personally. Our desire is to share who we are through Open Houses, visits, and lots of conversation. 

We are committed to helping your child make a successful transition from their current learning environment to the Ad Fontes community. Many of our student have switched schools and have great advice and tips and, of course, the teachers are there to help and guide your child to success.

South Riding Private Christian SchoolClassical Education – Engaging Student’s Intellect

Ad Fontes is an academically challenging school with a purpose: to equip our students with the ability to think for themselves. We believe a classical (or liberal arts) education best fulfills this goal. Capable teachers engage and prepare students with the foundational knowledge (grammar), the tools of reasoning (logic), and the skills of persuasive writing and speaking (rhetoric). Students develop a strong work ethic and confidence as they exhibit mastery and understanding in each subject. We are dedicated to cultivating young people who are exceedingly well-prepared to excel in college and in life.

Cultivating Students as Servant Leaders

We seek to develop students who take purposeful action, not for themselves, but for their classmates, younger students, neighbors and the world. Students learn to love classmates of diverse ability and personality. 

Extra Curriculars

We understand that events and activities play an important role in a student’s life. They help deepen the friendships between students, build school spirit, and equip them with important social skills. 

We normally offer athletics including tennis, volleyball and soccer, field trips and after school clubs, but they may be adjusted or suspended for the 2020-2021 academic year due to concerns about the spread of COVID 19. Your child’s safety is our top concern. However, we are creative in finding ways to do build these relationships whether in person or online. For example, at our student’s request, the spring 2020 school play, Sense and Sensibility, was converted from the stage to the Zoom screen with the motto, “the play must go on-line!”

Typically, for our upper class students, we have a variety of field trips planned throughout the year. This includes visits to museums and historical sites and landmarks. The field trips help them further their knowledge of science and history. 

In addition to regular field trips, seniors get an additional field trip to New York City where they can visit historical and cultural sites. 

What’s Next?

Give your child a well-rounded education that will help them succeed in all areas of their life. Learn more about Ad Fontes Academy, explore our curriculum, and schedule a tour today.