Rodney Harris

Rodney Harris Testimonial

Our family was deciding whether to relocate from Houston, TX to Northern Virginia for a job opportunity in the Summer of 2018. Our boys had been attending a classical Christian school in Texas for two years. Therefore, one of our primary decision points for relocating was whether there was a good classical Christian school close to the job opportunity. We took a trip to Virginia to explore the area and visited Ad Fontes Academy. We sat in the 4th and 5th grade classes during instruction and were really impressed with the students and curriculum. Based on our trip to the area and visit to AFA, we decided to take the job opportunity and immediately started the enrollment process for our two boys.

We like the godly leadership of AFA and being part of a school community of like-minded Christians who have become more like an extended family. AFA’s leadership team is dedicated to the classical Christian school model and committed to maintaining a school community that is focused on teaching through a Christian worldview.

Additionally, we came from a classical Christian school that followed a college hybrid model. Mondays and Wednesdays our boys attended school on campus, and Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, they were taught at home. While the boys did well academically, in our opinion, this model did not lend itself to building strong bonds with the other families. At AFA, it is a 5-day a week schedule; therefore, we have been able to volunteer more at the school and build closer ties to the other families. We believe this has helped our boys to have the important social element they were missing before and to acclimate to a new home faster.

We also have bonded with other parents and our boys have made the transition quickly and have made good friends. We often attend birthday parties and other events for their classmates and families. We are also both heavily involved with AFA committees and other volunteer opportunities. And even during all the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the school has remained strong in its commitment to academic excellence, its sense of community, and its support of our family. Because of the dedication of school leadership and staff, our boys haven’t missed any valuable instruction time and we have stayed connected with the school community and other AFA families, at a time when it was truly needed and welcomed.

Our true “aha” moment when we knew that AFA was the right choice was at the end of our first year. We sat with our boys and they shared their hearts and love for the school with us, eagerly anticipating another year at AFA. Seeing their growth academically and in spiritual matters, confirmed for us that we had made the right decision in choosing AFA.