Helping Our Children Grow Deeper Roots

By George Oji and Sarah Reynolds Oji, parents of two AFA Lower School students (daughters in K and 2nd grade).

We love our daughters and want the best for them. That’s what most parents want. When we were looking for a school for our daughters, we discovered that AFA feels the same way about their students. They are helping them grow deeper roots.

Student’s best interests and a love of God are at the heart of AFA. It was evident during our first meeting where the atmosphere was different from other schools we toured. Here’s what stood out to us:

  • They prayed with us for guidance on making a decision that was best for our family. We felt God’s presence and truly felt that AFA was a Christ-centered school where our children could grow their faith.
  • Everyone was friendly, including the teachers and other parents. You could tell that the teachers and administrators loved their jobs and were happy to be there.
  • We also liked that it had a diverse student body. It wasn’t all about a parent’s social status or job title that some of the other schools bragged about on tours.

We didn’t feel this at other schools we toured. After careful consideration and more prayer, we enrolled our oldest daughter. Our youngest daughter wasn’t old enough yet, but is a Kindergartener there this year. The school continues to impress us. For example, at our first parent/teacher conference, the teacher prayed with us. Then, during the meeting, we knew that she knew our child and was informed about what was going on in her life.

Communication is another important attribute in a school. AFA is great at communicating with parents. They very openly communicated with when they had to pivot to distance learning in the spring of 2020. We heard from friends that some of their schools left them in the dark about a lot of things. Not AFA. They guided us all through the transition when many parents weren’t sure if they could handle it. Parents also were involved in the decision to hold in-person classes for the 2020-2021 school year when other schools were only doing distance learning. They were very transparent about what needed to be done to make the school safer and how it was going to happen.

We also like how they dig into Bible history in the context of a world view. Our daughters are learning the facts of history without distortion that gives them a more comprehensive view.

And what is also important is that not only we love the school, but our daughters do too. Our oldest told us that the school day goes by so fast that she wishes it were longer.

Thank you to the entire staff at AFA for building such an amazing community where my girls thrive! We appreciate you so much!