Private Schools in Fairfax, VA Using Discussion Based Learning

As a private school, we treat learning as not as an individual pursuit but a pursuit of the community. Which is why we practice discussion based learning.

Under the guidance of a teacher, students work together to come up with a solution to a problem. Small class sizes help keep students engaged and give each one the opportunity to present an idea or thought to their peers. No one is left behind and even the shyest student is able to come out of his or her shell.

Ad Fontes Academy is a leading private school in Fairfax, VA that uses Discussion Based LearningOpen discussion allows the students to take an active part in their learning environment and find their subjects are more enjoyable and memorable. Discussion allows students to learn from their peers, not just teachers. This fosters more respect between each other and they become more accepting and open to new ideas and concepts.

Teachers encourage, foster, and pose thought-provoking questions throughout each discussion and students are given the freedom to pose their own questions as well.

Rhetoric is also a byproduct of open discussion. We find our students think about things more logically and take time to formulate ideas and present them in relatable ways to their peers.

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Our upper school is divided into houses. Students meet weekly and have lunch and attend school assemblies. The purpose is to have students develop deeper relationships with each other. Students interact with younger and older age groups within the houses as well. This fosters mentorships between students and lifelong friendships.

Students enjoy friendly competitions and encourage others to push themselves and feel good about what they have accomplished.

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Christian Learning

Our students often mention how comfortable they feel to talking about their faith and reach out to teachers and other students when they find themselves conflicted about something. Our students get to have Christian role models within their peers and teachers, which helps build a sense that students can feel safe in sharing their thoughts and overcoming the obstacles that present in life.

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