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A leading private Christian school in northern Virginia

Located in Centreville, Ad Fontes Academy is a leading private Christian school in northern Virginia. Our mission is to teach children from junior kindergarten through 12th grade using Christ-centered education. At Ad Fontes Academy (AFA), we differentiate ourselves from other Prince William County private schools and Loudoun County private schools by teaching academic and life lessons that form and develop character. As a result, students that graduate from AFA are equipped with the knowledge, virtue, and life skills necessary to excel in the community.

Ad Fontes Academy has students that come from all over northern Virginia. Because of our reputation, many parents looking for faith-based education choose AFA over Manassas Christian schools and other private schools in Fairfax, VA. Whether your child is an athlete, musician, artist, or scholar, Ad Fontes Academy gives them the tools they need to succeed.

Apply to AFA online to give your child the Christ-centered education they require. You can also schedule a tour today to view our campus, meet our faculty, and see what our private Christian school is all about.