New Schole After School Club

We are pleased to announce the forming of Ad Fontes Academy’s inaugural Schole Club.

What is Schole?

σχολή, ῆς, ἡ
Scholé \skhol-ay’\ : the Greek word for leisure, the origin of our English word for school.

Along with a place and time for AFA students to start their homework, Schole Club will give an opportunity for students to explore different areas of academic and extracurricular enrichment. Whether a student is interested in the arts & music, science & technology, language & literature or sports & games; through center based stations, students will be given options to learn about and participate in a variety of areas of enrichment and activities. Until a young mind is exposed to different opportunities, it is difficult for them to know what they like or where their talents may lie. Schole will help children explore, learn and grow all while having fun (and getting their homework done).

Who can register for Schole Club?

Schole Club is open to Ad Fontes Academy students enrolled in Grades K – 6th, and their siblings in Grades 7-8.

What time does Schole Club meet?

The after school club runs from 2:45 pm – 4:30 pm each afternoon in the AFA Lower School building on every full school day. Parents can select from 1 to 5 days per week, and must register in advance (this is not a drop-in club).

Who runs Schole Club?

Ad Fontes Academy is pleased to announce that our Schole Club Director is Vanessa Bauer. Vanessa shares:

Ad Fontes has been an amazing gift to my daughter and our family, and I am thrilled to be called to serve AFA students and parents. After a successful career as a dance teacher and choreographer, God called me to concentrate on enriching my children’s school experience. This led me to create and lead the Supplemental Education Program at T. Clay Wood Elementary School in Prince William County, which continues today using our founding plan. I am blessed to bring this experience to help improve AFA!

What is our vision for Schole Club?

Our vision for this club is a time of “structured leisure” that involves:

  1. Finished Homework: Completing homework with club staff support.
  2. Engaging Programs: Activities that encourage critical thinking, discovery, imagination, or invention. These activities could include strategy games, logic puzzles, reading, nature, or science investigations, arts projects, and more.
  3. Rest and Fellowship: Time to relax and enjoy Ad Fontes classmates outside of class.

We would like to invite more families to be a part of our exciting new Schole club. We look forward to offering this after school option to accommodate busy parent schedules, as well as allow children to explore new areas of interest and continue to enrich their bodies and minds.

How can you register?

Contact Janet Cooper or Vanessa Bauer to find out more information about Schole Club and to register your child.

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