Liberal Arts & STEM

Join us for an evening of math discussion led by Mr. Bill Carey.

Discussion: Liberal Arts: Making STEM work possible
Date: Thursday, April 7, 2016
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Centreville Presbyterian Church, 15450 Lee Hwy, Centreville, VA 20120


We often see a vast, hazy gulf between subjects like literature and rhetoric — the humanities — and technical pursuits like developing computer software and analyzing data. During this evening of mathematical exploration, Mr. Carey will discuss how the liberal arts shape our technical work. Focusing on elements of the classical trivium, we will master a facet of mathematical grammar, explore the logical relationship between mathematical ideas, and, finally, help solve a puzzle that Mr. Carey worked on as a professional geospatial engineer. He will also share the K-12 Ad Fontes Math program path that follows the classical trivium. This event is free and open to anyone in the community, adults and students in Grades 6-12.

Mr. Bill Carey is the head of Math, Logic, Chemistry & Physics at Ad Fontes Academy. Mr. Carey has spent the past decade teaching, including 6 years at Ad Fontes and courses at George Mason University. Mr. Carey took a few years sabbatical from AFA, writing computer programs for a defense contractor, to better understand how adults think about and use mathematics. He holds a Classics degree from the University of Virginia.

Ad Fontes AFA U - STEM Event flyer

Ad Fontes AFA U – STEM Event flyer

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