Loudoun County Private Schools & Christian Schools: The Heart of Ad Fontes Academy

Loudoun County Private Schools & Christian Schools: The Heart of Ad Fontes Academy

Ad Fonte Academy, located near Loudoun County, believes education is something that is lifelong. When you learn to love learning, well, that sticks with you for a lifetime.

Our focus is bringing all the elements of life together as a whole. Not just studying subjects but preparing students for a life of learning and living as Christians. We allow students to be themselves no matter if they are athletes, artists, musicians, or scholars.  

Not Just A School

We encourage independent thought and perseverance. To work at problems and use logic not just memorization to come up with an answer. When a student has these qualities there is no subject they can’t learn because they know what questions to ask, they understand how to teach themselves and others.

Loudoun County Private Schools - Ad Fontes AcademyExceptional Staff

Our faculty and administrators thrive on pushing themselves to be better teachers and leaders and to do what is necessary to help our students not just learn, but thrive.

Those that come to our school can often hear students engaging in their lessons. Not just listening to lectures. They discuss, ask questions, and participate in the process.

Living In Faith

As Christians, our students learn to think through their faith and practice their faith everyday in the classroom, lunch room, with friends, and outside our walls. Each class starts with a prayer so God can be at the center of each lesson.

The best part is our students are getting prepared to to go public universities and will be equipped to tackle adversity and defend their faith if needed, but also extend their faith.

Come See Us!

Our campus is located in Centreville, VA next Loudoun County and is one of the most unique private schools in the area.

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