Head of School Message

A Message from Our Head of School

Coulter Weaver - Ad Fontes Academy - Head of SchoolWelcome.

There is no greater honor than to invest in the life of a child. Whether at home, at church, or in a Christian school, the responsibility is great, but the reward is immeasurable. For decades the Ad Fontes faculty and staff have embraced the challenge of growing students. From the earliest days of their schooling, laying a strong and connected classical foundation all the way through to graduation, our students are writing life stories that are compelling, thoughtful and most importantly, to be continued. If their stories were complete, we would have failed them. Instead, we have prepared them! Their minds are full, their passions ignited, and they know their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is through these lives that the legacy of Ad Fontes Academy is being written each and every day.

Many schools set out to educate the “whole” student. They effectively nurture their academic, intellectual, social, emotional, and their physical development needs. However, one critical piece missing results in an education that is anything but holistic. When we don’t nurture the spiritual lives of students in school, we eliminate the glue that binds all of our development together. When we compartmentalize our faith and keep it separate from the educational process, we cannot effectively educate the “whole” student. Many schools educate students well. We believe that we educate the “whole” student well: body, mind, soul and spirit. God’s truth is woven and connected through truly holistic instruction, a rare experience we wish all students could encounter.

For our prospective parents and students, a classical, Christian school is an engaging, stimulating and invigorating environment. We integrate the gifts of tradition and experience with research-based practices and curricula that are continuously reviewed and modified as necessary. Classical is not static, rigid, rote, or redundant. Our students are actively engaged in the learning process. We address different learning styles, embrace learners as individuals, and desire for each and every student to be successful. As Christians, we provide an education that is founded upon and informed by a biblical worldview that equips our students to know, love, and practice that which is true, good, and beautiful and challenges them to live purposefully and intelligently as servants of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our faith enhances our learning, never restricts it. We are a committed community of joyful learners at every level.

Education has been my passion and profession for the past 30 years. It has always given me great joy to collaborate with teachers and parents. I look forward to sharing the journey with each of you.

C. Coulter Weaver III
Interim Head of School