Tiffany Bone

Sixth Grade

Mrs. Tiffany Bone graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with a degree in Education. She has been classically homeschooling her three children for the past ten years, teaching through a homeschool co-op in her current home in Florida, as well as substitute-teaching at the Cor Deo School in their former hometown of Seattle. Mrs. Bone is known as the “favorite teacher” of her co-op students because she is extremely gifted at creating engaging lessons and fun activities. She brings a great depth of knowledge and skill in classical pedagogy, and she has a deep, abiding love of Jesus Christ which she loves to share with her students. She is looking forward not only to teaching, but having her three children join the AFA community as well, one in the Lower School and two in the Upper School.  This is her first year at Ad Fontes.

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