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Ray Blunt

Junior and Senior Theology - Worldview and Apologetics and Senior Seminar

Ray graduated with a B.S. in engineering and political science from the U.S. Air Force Academy followed by Master’s degrees in Economics from Central Missouri University and in Theological Studies, with Honors, from Wesley Theological Seminary. After a 35-year career in public service culminating as a Senior Executive, he has spent the next two decades helping to grow the next generation of servant leaders as a teacher, mentor, writer, speaker, and consultant. He has written numerous articles and monographs on leadership, character, and culture, and two books: Elders at the Gate: A Call to Mend the Broken Generational Links (2018) and Crossed Lives – Crossed Purposes: Why Thomas Jefferson Failed and William Wilberforce Succeeded in Leading an End to Slavery (2012). Ray is an avid kayaker, cyclist, and B.J.’s husband since 1964. They are members of Restoration Anglican Church where they mentor young couples and singles. They have two grown children, and are grandparents to five Ad Fontes students, three who have graduated and two who remain. This is his ninth year teaching at Ad Fontes.