Jessica Moore

Upper School Principal and Rhetoric Teacher

Jessica Moore is serving as the Upper School Principal this year after one year as the Assistant Principal. She has been involved in education, in and out of the classroom, for much of her life.  From tutoring, to running her college’s writing center, to helping her parents in their overseas schools, to classical homeschooling, she has long been devoted to educating others.  She graduated from Wheaton College with a degree in English Literature and Writing, and then served as a fellow of the National Center for Leadership at the National Presbyterian Church.   Recruited in part by an AFA student who she helped to revise a paper, Jessica then moved to Virginia with her husband and joined the AFA faculty, teaching Upper School literature, composition, rhetoric and Senior Thesis for five years.  After a sabbatical to stay home with her young children, Jessica rejoined the Ad Fontes family, first as a parent and then as a teacher, teaching Junior Rhetoric since 2017.  Jessica and Jason have three children at Ad Fontes.

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