Bill Carey

Math and Science Lead Teacher

Mr. Carey is starting his fifth year of his second full-time tour at AFA as lead Math/Science teacher. He leads a national classical Christian resource center and teacher training in Math and is regarded as a national leader in classical Christian schooling. He is always excited to teach and do math and science with students (and parents), and lead the Techne Society. He is teaching Pre-Algebra, Algebra2, Pre-Calculus, Advanced Physics and Computer Programming. Mr. Carey has been involved in the life of the school since he was in high school. He assisted his father at the weekly Latin Club and took Ad Fontes students to many certamina and conventions. At the University of Virginia he studied the Classics focusing on Latin. Fresh from college, he joined the Ad Fontes faculty where he taught Latin, Calculus, Formal Logic, Physics, and (for a few months) Senior Thesis. After five years of teaching, Mr. Carey took a sabbatical writing computer programs for a defense contractor to better understand how adults think about and use mathematics. Always drawn to the classroom, he taught a year of Physics and Classics courses at George Mason. He is joyfully married to Maren Carey, also a teacher.

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