Are You Smarter Than a Kindergartener?

Are you smarter than a Kindergartener? Test your knowledge and see if you can answer these questions below.

1. Can you name the five oceans?

2. On what continent do we find Egypt?

3. What is the difference between shapes and solids?

4. Can you name the seven continents?

5. How many dolls are in a Russian Doll Nesting set?

6. What two sounds does the letter S make?

7. How long and how often should you brush your teeth?

8. What is the purpose of a verb? (See video below)

Answer Key – 1. Indian, Atlantic, Arctic, Pacific, Southern. 2. Africa. 3. Shapes are flat and solids are fat or 3D. 4. North and South America, Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, Australia. 5. Seven. 6. S/Z. 7. Two minutes, two times a day. 8. To show action or express a state of being.

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