Alumni Profile: Seth Rohrbaugh

Class of 2019 Spotlight: Seth Rohrbaugh
Powerful Public Speaker & House Head

Seth RohrbaughSeth Rohrbaugh entered Ad Fontes in the fourth grade. After previously attending three private schools, AFA proved to be the perfect match for him. Over the years, Seth has proven that he is full of wonderful surprises.

When Seth speaks, everyone listens, even if he is wearing his banana costume for spirit week. Seth has a fantastic sense of humor, and yet he also offers a calming presence and is kind and dedicated. These traits were clearly demonstrated when Seth, after years battling his speech anxiety, pursued strategies and mentoring on his own time to overcome this challenge. He became a gifted public speaker himself and started a public speaking club to help others at Ad Fontes who struggled in this area.

Seth served as House Head for Rome. As such, he displayed his strong leadership style, often in unique and unexpected ways. After Rome lost a house competition, Seth made a lasting impression by immediately painting his entire face red, house Rome’s color, in order to show his steadfast allegiance to his house. Additionally, to prepare for the House Olympics, Seth took the boys in his house to the gym to “beef up” in preparation for tug of war. They were victorious and placed first in the Olympic games! Seth fondly recalled the house system because “it really highlights how each house is able to come together in order to compete. The level of teamwork and trust that is achieved is truly amazing to watch.”

Seth appreciates the lasting friendships with the other teachers and seniors during his time at Ad Fontes. He notes how “the community and relationships you make at AFA with other students and the faculty really sets AFA apart from other schools.” He enjoyed the Techne club because of the opportunity it gave him to work with Mr.Carey and other students. The senior trip to New York with Mr. Luckenbaugh and Mrs. Mathwin is one of Seth’s special memories while at Ad Fontes.

Seth says that the greatest skill he learned at the school was “how to properly think through problems and analyze things in a particular way. That is something that will help me through the rest of my life, and I’m very grateful to AFA for teaching me that.” He found Mr. Mathwin’s history classes and Mr. Blunt’s Apologetics class to be especially beneficial because of his interest in philosophy, and he particularly enjoyed senior year because of “all the different benefits and new levels of trust that you are given as seniors. You are really given a higher level of responsibility and it’s nice to be treated as an adult.”

If he had to sum up his AFA experience in one word, he would choose “insightful.” He explains that he chose this word “because I’ve learned so much during my time at AFA not just academically, but also more about myself through the relationships I have had with everyone there.”

Looking forward, Seth plans to attend Northern Virginia Community College for two years and then transfer to Virginia Tech.

Seth will always be full of surprises. And with his beloved dog Wolf at his side, he will continue to speak with confidence and kindness, and others will listen.

By Ellie Houser, Class of 2019