Alumni Profile: Owen Dougherty

Class of 2019 Spotlight: Owen Dougherty
Dynamic Performer and Chef

Owen started at Ad Fontes in his ninth grade year. Over the past four years, he has cooked, acted, and danced his way into the hearts of the AFA community. Teachers and students alike appreciated Owen’s many gifts, including his strong sense of identity, creativity, and wry sense of humor.

The crockpot in the senior room belonged to Owen, and he knew how to use it. Italian food is his specialty, and he makes his signature marinara from scratch. He also stirs up a mean risotto, and he generously shared his creations with his friends and teachers at AFA. The vintage picnic basket in the senior room also belonged to him, as did the Jeopardy Game calendar. In his distinctive way, Owen created a sense of camaraderie, particularly within the senior class.

Along with his amazing culinary skills, Owen is at ease performing for an audience. He spent ten years competing as a gymnast. He also performed in multiple plays during his time at AFA, most notably his main role as Mr. Webb in AFA’s production of Our Town this past spring. After rehearsing for months, he said that, “The reward was great, and I loved being able to finally present it.”

Owen could often be found exploring different roles and stories with zeal. Indeed, he once ate a scrap of paper in order to protect the secret designation of a character he was playing during a class game focused on George Orwell’s 1984. With equal parts enthusiasm and skill, he played Paul from All Quiet on the Western Front for another class activity.

Additionally, Owen took part in both play reading club and the mock trial team and was always ready to tackle both impromptu and well-researched presentations. His thesis, which he considers to be his greatest achievement, was entitled, “The Sun Sets in Tehran: An Argument Against Iranian Nuclear Capability.” His presentation of his thesis truly showcased his exemplary public speaking skills.

Owen delights others with his sense of humor and fun-loving nature and is willing to dance like nobody’s watching, even when the entire school is, in fact, watching. He proudly danced with his mom at a school dance and took the stage at AFA to perform a freeze dance for the house dance competition. He added his unique flair to any activity, including color day by wrapping himself in a bright yellow fitted sheet to display his class spirit.

On a more serious note, Owen takes a particular interest in politics, and Mr. Mathwin’s Government class in eleventh grade was a highlight for him. “Understanding our government, as well as the different forms of government in our past, helped me learn more about politics and to understand why I think the way I think.”

Among Owen’s fondest AFA memories are the yearly Camp Highroad retreat and senior skip day. “Being able to just hang out with the people I love was incredible.” He also described the senior trip to New York City as an “amazing weekend.”

Owen recalled the special bond he shared with both his classmates and teachers. “My favorite thing about AFA is how close you can be with the teachers. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them and have spent time with them outside of school. It’s amazing.”

Owen will attend Cedarville University in the fall. He plans to double major in communications and political science.

In the play Our Town, Owen’s character, Mr. Webb, is described as a, “kindly man and a political expert with a wry sense of humor.” Ironically, Owen shares the very same traits with his character. Everywhere he wanders, sporting his signature cowboy boots, Owen will continue to bless others with his creativity, wonderful sense of humor, and homemade marinara.

By Ellie Houser, Class of 2019

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