Alumni Profile: Nick Haye

Class of 2019 Spotlight: Nick Haye
Techne Enthusiast and Talented Ballroom Dancer

In 2015, Nick Haye was welcomed into the Ad Fontes Academy fold as a ninth grader. Equally comfortable operating a bandsaw, sock wrestling for spirit week, or doing the foxtrot, Nick brought a special kind of wisdom and spirituality to all he met.

Nick has a calming presence, wants to serve others, and is a natural leader. Without being asked, he directed other students safely to their cars after school each day. Similarly, he watched over the younger students in the Techne club, helping Mr.Carey with projects and instruction. When the seniors joined together for their Wednesday morning devotion time, Nick was often seen leading the group’s prayer.

Nick expresses his creativity and engineering skills in amazing ways. He began by building models out of clay, such as tanks and knights. He then moved on to functioning black powder cannons. After making his own carving tools using old rebar, he hand-carved several smoking pipes and rings out of wood. He utilized scrap copper, steel, and twine to create unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry. The Atlantis Trident is also one of Nick’s hand-crafted creations.

As House Head of Atlantis his senior year, Nick successfully motivated his house members to earn house points by dancing to Beyonce songs, sock wrestling, and ballroom dancing. He says that “being a part of the house system as a leader really helped me grow this last year and get closer with some awesome people.”

Nick’s favorite aspect about Ad Fontes is the sense of community. He explains that, “The relationships between teachers and students make it feel unique from any other school. There was a sense of oneness at the school which made it feel more like a home.” Nick’s favorite class at Ad Fontes was Chemistry with Mr.Carey because although it challenged him, “It especially stuck out because of the problem-solving. Whether it was a lab or a homework question, there was a puzzle to be solved. Anytime I got stuck on something, Mr.Carey didn’t give me the answer, but instead helped guide me to find a way to reach it.”

Other highlights for Nick include the Spring Formal dance and the excellent senior trip to New York City that was led by Mr.Luckenbaugh. “After finishing senior thesis, there is just a huge relief, and it’s amazing getting to celebrate that with the other seniors for a weekend.”

When asked to sum up his experience at AFA in one word, Nick chose ‘growth.’ “I have done more learning and growing at AFA than anywhere else, both mentally and spiritually.” Nick remarks that the most valuable lesson he has learned at Ad Fontes is how to “fail well.” He says that, after being homeschooled, his first year was a challenge as he learned “how to handle homework and many different classes.” He noted that he would “often see a bad grade and try to not think about it again. But, when you stop to see why that grade is bad and take steps to get better, that’s when you will find success.”

Nick plans to attend Patrick Henry College in the fall and possibly a trade school in the future.  Welding and mechanical engineering are two of his interests.

Wherever God takes him, Nick will be leading, building, and lending a helping hand, in his calm and caring way.

By Ellie Houser, Class of 2019

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