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Alumni Profile: Ellie Houser

Class of 2019 Spotlight: Ellie Houser
Dedicated Athenian and Servant Leader-Scholar

Ellie Houser

Ellie Houser began attending Ad Fontes in the tenth grade, coming from a background of public-school education. Initially resistant to starting at a new school her Sophomore year, Ellie soon found her footing and became an integral part of her class, her house, and the Ad Fontes community as a whole.

Ellie is incredibly creative, kind, and considerate, as was reflected through her relationships with students of all grades in the upper school. On an early weekday morning, one could find Ellie in the senior classroom helping out younger students with their Algebra, or perhaps quizzing them for an upcoming science exam. She did all this whilst herself working vigorously throughout the year on her own studies, including on her Senior Thesis which she masterfully presented at the end of the year. In fact, this was Ellie’s proudest achievement at Ad Fontes.

Additionally, Ellie was active in many parts of the AFA community, including Play Reading Club, Cooking Club, Yearbook Club (of which she was secretary in twelfth grade), stage-managing two plays, and, of course, two years serving as a truly amazing leader of House Athens. Ellie says that though she thoroughly enjoyed participating in all of these activities, she only did so in large part because of the immensely encouraging and inspiring culture fostered by Ad Fontes which, “brings out the best in every student.”

Serving in Athens’ house leadership for the past two years has brought Ellie much joy. During her time in charge, Athens achieved quite a few milestones, including a first-ever victory at the annual House Olympics in 2018 and, in 2019, placing higher than ever before with regard to the House Cup! Ellie has said that, “nothing made [her] happier than seeing [her] Athenians come out for a competition, completely decked out in spirit wear,” ready to give “their full effort [to the] competition.” Though she acknowledges that she isn’t the most athletic of people, Ellie unequivocally says the House Olympics remain her favourite House competition.

Ellie’s favourite class was Mr. Blunt’s eleventh grade Apologetics. Ellie continued, saying “Mr. Blunt did everything he could to teach us about our relationship between the world and our faith. I learned an incredible amount in that class about Christianity and my own worldview. It gave me a perspective of the world that I am grateful for and that I try to carry with me every day.” Seeing Ellie going about her day, it becomes clear that she has taken Mr. Blunt’s words to heart, as she is an exemplary example of a well-rounded, enlightened, and Godly individual.

Describing her time at Ad Fontes in a word, Ellie settled on “gift.” She elaborated, saying that “my time spent at Ad Fontes was certainly a gift from God. He put me at Ad Fontes at the perfect time for me to be challenged and to grow with the help of the wonderful community there. I don’t feel like I could ever do anything to deserve the gift that my experience at Ad Fontes was, but that’s the beauty of the Lord. He gave me something that I did not think I deserved, but that changed me and molded me into a person with a clear purpose of serving Him and others.”

This year, Ellie will be working a full-time job and doing volunteer work. Next year, she hopes to study elementary or special education at a Christian college.

There are few people quite as kind and selfless as Ellie, and as she goes into the world, those around her are sure to benefit from her constant generosity, dedicated service, and deep knowledge.

By Tristan Hotung-Shea, Class of 2019

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