Alumni Profile: Beth Phillips

Class of 2019 Spotlight: Beth Phillips
Accomplished Chef and Fire Juggler

Beth PhillipsBeth Phillips entered Ad Fontes in eleventh grade and quickly embraced the AFA family. In a short time, Beth became known by her teachers and peers as a grounded, soft-spoken, generous, and kind servant leader, as well as one possessing several unique talents.

On any given day at AFA, Beth could be found juggling fire (literally-called fire poi), teaching her peers the art of cooking in the church kitchen, or practicing her knitting skills while rehearsing her lines for a school play. Beth honed her speaking skills in mock trial, founded the cooking club at Ad Fontes and acted in several AFA theater productions. She generously shared her delicious baked treats with others during teacher birthdays and school special events. Outside of school, Beth volunteers her time and energy at the Sterling Fire Department, helping with public events, riding along on emergency calls with her operational crew, and conducting daily station upkeep.

After only one year at AFA, she was selected as the House Head of Ilium which she lovingly and fearlessly led all the way to the house cup, the first ever for Ilium. Beth recalled the house system’s “family-like quality, where everyone had the ability to unwind and bond with one another.” In fact, many students in House Ilium sent her Mother’s Day cards this year! Fond memories of the house system include the cooking competition, in which her avocado cobb salad amazed the judges and the Feriae Artium (Arts Festival), which gave students the chance to see “everyone’s crazy talents.”

When asked to sum up her AFA experience in one word, Beth chose “faithful.”  She explained that the school “is faithful to the students in providing an excellent learning environment where individuals can thrive. Ad Fontes calls us to be faithful as students in our studies and as friends to our classmates.”

“At AFA I had the ability to engage in straightforward, real, life-changing conversations,” said Beth. She particularly enjoyed Mr.Carey’s Pre-Calculus class, as it encouraged discussion and creative problem-solving. The house head interviews were another highlight, during which all of the current house heads bonded while conducting interviews and making important decisions.

Beth credits AFA with giving her the “true gift of a valuable education.” Beth’s future plans include attending Lake Erie College in the fall and studying psychology and Therapeutic Horsemanship. She looks forward to visiting AFA during school breaks, in an effort to continue mentoring (and mothering) younger students in House Ilium.

Wherever God sends her, Beth will, without a doubt, continue to bless those in her presence.

By Ellie Houser, Class of 2019

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