Alumni Profile: Abigail Smedley

Class of 2019 Spotlight: Abigail Smedley —
Theatre Maven & Dutiful Scholar


Abigail Smedley started attending Ad Fontes in first grade. Passionate and outspoken, she cares deeply for her friends, her teachers, and the school. She remarks, “I have been with some of these people for over a decade, and I still adore them.”

Abigail’s first love is theatre, and she is an immensely talented director and actress. Her greatest achievement to date is the brilliant production of Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors, which she produced and directed with one of her closest friends, Emily Smith. She also played Adriana, one of the lead characters in the play. “We were blessed with the opportunity to showcase our talents and passions while hanging out with some of our favorite people. We worked days and nights on it, and it felt amazing to see that it paid off in a wonderful production.”

Her strengths, however, don’t end there. Along with playing lead roles in multiple school performances, Abigail participated in the sketch club and the play reading club. In addition, she organized the Upper School Read-A-Thon (again with Emily Smith) for two years, and played volleyball from 7th through 12th grade, often mentoring younger players.

Abigail displays an authentic love for learning, whether it be Shakespeare or chemistry. She said the community at Ad Fontes “taught me how to be a learner. I’d say this is the most valuable skill, because it applies to all situations and aspects of life. Ad Fontes taught me to truly and deeply love learning and to never stop yearning for knowledge and wisdom.”

Among Abigail’s favorite memories are the yearly retreats at Camp Highroad, where the students and faculty have an opportunity to “let loose and have fun.” Another highlight for Abigail was Mrs. Mathwin’s Great Books class. “Ever since I was young, I absolutely adored reading. Fortunately for me, Great Books included some of my favorite books in the Ad Fontes curriculum. From Madame Bovary to 1984, there was something for everyone to enjoy.”

Abigail further explained that AFA is unique in that “its structure allows for many different types of students. No matter who you are or what your interests and talents are, the staff and faculty will help you achieve your goals, which is such a huge blessing.”

When asked to sum up her experience at Ad Fontes in one word, Abigail chose “eye-opening” and commented, “I learned what it was like to be a Christian, and I was educated not just to follow the Lord, but to follow the Lord to the best of my ability and use the talents that He gave me to honor His kingdom, which is something that I would’ve not worked at if I had gone to public school.”

In the fall, Abigail plans to attend Virginia Tech double majoring in chemistry and criminology.

Both on stage and off, Abigail will continue to mentor and inspire others with her passion, creativity, and artistic talent.

By Ellie Houser, Class of 2019