Aldie Students at Ad Fontes Academy

If you’re looking for a school that’s near Aldie, VA, consider Ad Fontes Academy. Ad Fontes Academy is one of top Aldie private schools that offers classical and faith-based education. 

Our mission is to enable our students to develop critical thinking skills and prepare them for college and life after college. 

Through Christ-centered education, we teach kids to be servant leaders as well as learned scholars. 

Ad Fontes Academy: Best Aldie Christian School

What makes Ad Fontes different is that we take time to get to know your child. Thanks to small class sizes, each student gets individual attention so they can master the curriculum thoroughly.

Ad Fontes Academy provides your child with kindergarten, lower and upper class education. We cover the foundation knowledge of grammar,  rhetoric, and logic as well as other subjects such as Latin. 

Studying Latin allows our students to gain a deeper understanding of the world into which Christ came. In addition to that, Latin is the root of 60% of our English words. In other words, by learning Latin, our students gain a complete mastery of the English language. 

Student Life At Ad Fontes Academy

Beside the classical education, our students have a very rich student life filled with various activities. This includes a wide range of exciting Christian-based events for lower and upper classes. Lower class students participate in a variety of informal and formal activities such as weekly devotionals, living history museum presentations, and more. 

Upper class students participate in high school retreats, field trips, and protocol and Autumn Ball. On top of that, high school students are assigned to one of our four houses. Students can then participate in regular fellowship events and engage in competitions throughout the year.  

What’s Next

Ensure your child is successful in all areas of their life by enrolling them in a school that offers a classical education. Learn more about student life at Ad Fontes Academy and schedule a tour today.