Ad Fontes In-Person Private Elementary School

Ad Fontes is a in-person kindergarten through grades 12 school located in Northern Virginia that plans onsite classes five days a week for the 2020-21 academic year. As one of the top private schools, we are focused on meeting spiritual, academic, and social needs of our students, even in challenging times. 

We are not like a traditional school where students are packed in large classes and aren’t receiving adequate individual attention that every student needs throughout their educational journey. 

Instead, as a private school, we have smaller class sizes and qualified mentor teachers along with an academic program that’s challenging and thoroughly grounded in Christ’s teachings.

In-Person Private Elementary School Safety

Seth Rohrbaugh - In-Person Private Elementary SchoolBut education is not the only thing we are focused on. Our students’ health is just as important. As an in-person private elementary school, Ad Fontes is committed to creating a safe educational environment. After hosting a parent Q&A call on Zoom, we have come up with a detailed reopening plan that will follow age appropriate social distancing recommendations, and CDC and State health guidelines.

Our reopening plan will allow us to continue with in-person classes while taking all the necessary precautions to ensure our students’ health and well-being. As part of the plan, students and staff will wear face shields, depending during all indoor classes and activities. This will allow our students and staff members to speak understandably and see facial expressions. Teachers will also be able to provide close support to students.

In the event the State or local conditions change, Ad Fontes Academy has necessary measures in place to allow us to switch to remote learning so we can continue providing education while keeping our students’ health a priority.

What’s next?

If you’re looking for a private elementary school for your child in Northern Virginia, Ad Fontes Academy is the right choice. As a Classical (liberal arts) school, our capable teachers engage and prepare students with the foundational knowledge, the tools of reasoning,  and the skills of persuasive writing and speaking. We are dedicated to cultivating young people who are exceedingly well-prepared to excel in college and in life. Learn more about our academics program, explore the benefits of classical education, and apply to our academy through the virtual admissions process.