A Loudoun County, VA Private School Option

How Ad Fontes, a Top Loudoun County, VA Private School Option, Fosters Community

There are a number of ways that Ad Fontes, a top Loudoun County Private School option fosters communities:

Community & Events

Community is an important part of a child’s education, which is why Ad Fontes Academy strives to create fun, educational activities that foster friendships and develop faith.

In our Loudoun county, private Christian school, we offer Christian-based events that help our students grow spiritually, cultivate friendships, which in turn further develops and grows their God-given gifts.

The events include both formal and informal activities for grades K-12 that range from interactive class presentations, field days, class parties, to athletics. For our Upper School students, other activities added are etiquette and ballroom dancing.

loudoun county private schoolsWide Range of Clubs

Ad Fontes Academy also has a wide range of clubs, catering to all interests including debate, cooking club, and mock trial, among others. The clubs are geared for Upper School students and are meant to challenge them academically whilst encouraging them to further their skills and knowledge. Membership in these clubs has cultivated and fostered community and strengthened student friendships.

Unique House System

Aside from the activities above, Ad Fontes Academy, which is one of the top Loudoun County private schools, has a unique House System which was developed with the sole purpose of expanding student leadership, mentoring, and friendship opportunities across grade levels as well as to give every student a chance to find a place where they feel like they truly belong.

The Houses themselves have several events and activities that bring students together and encourage team building as well as a little friendly competition. Students compete in thrilling activities such as Socrates Revenge or The House Cup Competitions.

The Feriae Artium

Students also collaborate together in activities such as The Feriae Artium where students can contribute their artwork and participate in a talent show that includes both musical and dramatic performances.

Are you interested in having your child be a part of an encouraging environment with a strong sense of community? Learn more about Ad Fontes Academy, a top Loudoun county private school, and schedule a tour today.